Data Notes 

The list of General Data Notes below applies to multiple datasets, unless otherwise sepcified.

General Data Notes:

(1) Search results are presented in small groups of rows.  Results can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.

(2) When the data cover a budgeting period that crossed two calendar years, the final year is listed.

(3) For payrolls, pay "rate" data represent base pay only, not including overtime and other extras. "Total" pay includes base pay plus benefits paid by the agency or municipality, including overtime, retirement and a share of health insurance costs. Not all agencies or municipalities reported total pay. In those cases, an employee's total pay matches his or her base pay rate.

(4) For the current year, some payrolls might have been reported before the agency or municipality's fiscal year ended. In those cases, total pay might be reported as lower than base pay for some employees.

(5) Some employees appear multiple times in the database because they perform work for multiple departments or agencies. They might receive compensation from one or many of those employers.

(6) Data that was unreported by the agency will be represented by a blank field, or by the text "NA" or "None reported".

(7) Data provided by the New Mexico Public Employees Retirement System allows only limited disambiguation among different people with the same name. Typically, agencies provide middle names or initials, or other unique identifiers, to distinguish between, for example, two people named "Michael Garcia" who both worked for Bernalillo County in 2015. The PERA data contained nothing of the sort. Therefore, the data are best used to answer questions like "How much did Bernalillo County contribute to employee retirement in a given year?" rather than "How much did a specific employee receive in public retirement contributions?"

(8) For members of the Educators Retirement System, the "Contribution Total" field represents the annual total contribution by an employee and by his or her employer. For members of the Public Employees Retirement System, the "Contribution Total" field represents the annual contribution by the public employer only.